SOUP Cold Asphalt Solution

SOUP is a black liquid Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) additive developed by HALIK. Designed to rejuvenate the oxidized binder on the RAP stones, SOUP turns the otherwise carcinogenic rock waste into a packaged cold asphalt mix used for pothole repair or new road construction.

SOUP asphalt solution is recycling based, so there isn't any waste created in the process. The technology is up to 1500% more cost effective than conventional methods.

Other advantages include :

  • • Cold application reducing energy consumption and year-round work-ability (rain or snow)
  • • Quick and cost effectiveness: fix a pothole in 30 seconds
  • • Environmentally friendly solution - 99% of the mix is from recycled resources
  • • Easy to apply (even manually!) and guaranteed to be permanent
  • • Minimal traffic intervention through simplified processes

SOUP based roads and patches are fundamentally different than hot mix solutions as they are superior, more economical, environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.