TL-2000 Road Coating

TL-2000 road coating is a rapid curing rejuvenating top layer road sealant. Globally used and patent protected, TL-2000 is guaranteed to protect and extend service life of asphalt pavements and stabilized soil roads.

SOUP Pothole Repair

SOUP Cold Asphalt

SOUP is a cold asphalt liquid mixed with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). The result is a powerful, rejuvenated, green and permanent cold asphalt mix. SOUP Cold Asphalt mixes are used for road construction, trench coating, pothole repair, concrete repair and more!

Crack Sealer

Crack Sealer

HALIK cold applied pavement crack sealer is a viscous, rubberized sealant used for road cracks sized 0.5cm to 4cm in width.


HL Hydrophobic Paint

HL hydrophobic paint is an all surface, freeze resistance hydrophobic protective coating paint. HL is applied on concrete structures, pipes and more. HL paint provides great protection even in extreme weather conditions.