TL-2000 Asphalt Pavement Coating

TL-2000 is a top layer road pavement sealing material. This single component liquid is applied as a thin layer on asphalt pavements to restore the asphalt’s elastic properties and prevent oxidation.

TL-2000 should be applied on an even surface. If the road surface is broken, pothole repair must be done prior to applying any top layer sealant such as TL-2000.

TL-2000’s consumption rate is approximately 1kg per 1sqm. This translates to 1mm black polymeric membrane protecting the road surface.

HALIK TL 2000 is a patented formulation; TL coating is designed to prevent the breakdown of asphalt surfaces and microscopic cracks. A road coated with TL-2000 is protected from water penetration, erosion and deterioration. This increases safety and prolongs service life.

Laboratory tests show that TL-2000 penetrates 4cm into asphalt pavements, rejuvenating their oxidized binder. Roads sealed with TL-2000 show:

  • • Extended road service life
  • • Better road quality
  • • Better drive quality
  • • impermeability to water penetration, cracking and oxidation
  • • Increased pavement safety through higher friction and better pavement visibility

Although traditionally black, TL2000 can be made into other colors. Moreover, TL-2000’s array of applications includes concrete & soil roads coating, metal surfaces coating, wood and more. TL-2000 is unlike any other product on the market. A patented technology, TL-2000 contains absolutely no water - making it a very durable waterproof coating.

TL-2000 has been used and tested worldwide and is recognized as an industry leader.