TL-2000 Coating

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TL-2000

TL-2000 is a polymer modified road coating material. It contains 70% waste mineral powder and is cold applied on any surface. After a short curing period, a 1mm thin membrane is created. This layer protects the surface and further rejuvenates it. The technology is patented under US patent laws.

Why use TL-2000

Due to the negative effects of UV rays and water, roads usually lose all their positive properties in 2-3 years after the road is built. Seal coating the asphalt with TL-2000 extends the service life of roads for 8-10 years or more, increases skid resistance, gives water and UV protection, and decrease road maintenance costs.

How is TL-2000 different

TL-2000 has inherit characteristics that make it superior to traditional emulsified seal coating prodocuts: - TL-2000 can be made entirely of environmentally friendly materials - TL-2000 can be made in colors: black, grey, red, green, etc. - Due to high content of waste powder, TL-2000 is considerably cheaper than competing products - Apart from asphalt road rejuvenation, TL-2000 gives full water, UV rays and full chemical resistance protection (Alkaline substances, Salt solutions, Sulphuric Acid (40%), Nitric Acid (25%), Acetic Acid (70%), Hydrochloric Acid (30%), Phosphoric Acid (80%), etc). - TL-2000 contains no water and forms a rigid bond with the road once fully cured. - Highly versitile: TL-2000 can be modified and used for ports, stabilized soil roads, iron coating, concrete, anti icing, tack coating and more!

What is the material application rate per sq. meter?

TL-2000's application rate is dependent on the road condition, and may vary from 700 grams to 1.2 kg per sqm. For stabilized soil road coating application expect to use between 1.5 to 2.0 kg per sqm.

When can the road be re-opened for traffic?

TL-2000 takes approximately, depending on the ambient temperature, 45 minutes to one hour to dry. The road can then be re-opened for traffic immediately.