Cold Applied Crack Sealer

Rubberized, Cold Applied Solution - FAQ

What is TL-R Cold Crack Sealer?

TL-R is viscous, single-component elastic bitumen polymer, cold applied, rubber-like viscous liquid. It is specifically developed for sealing pavement cracks.

What cracks can be sealed with TL-R Crack Sealer?

Crack Sealer is intended for sealing various type of asphalt/concrete cracks. Narrower cracks can be sealed by coating the whole surface with a thin membrane of TL-2000, and wider ones require deep patching by using HALIK pothole sealing materials but the vibrating cracks require a rubberized solution.

How to seal cracks with TL-R Crack Sealer?

Remove old sealant (if any) and all loose material along the crack edges. Fill the remaining hollow with a layer of Crack Sealer. After that, it is possible (but not necessary) to coat the surface with a thin membrane of TL-2000 for added protection. Make sure not to coat the road around the crack with TL-R; only the hole must be filled.